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Dear Readers,

I am creating this blog to share my gratitude letters.  For months now, I have been brainstorming possible ways to positively connect with loved ones and strangers alike. I wondered if it was feasible to spread love and gratitude in a world that appears to be turned upside down.  In a world where people seem to be quick to anger and slow to forgive, is it possible to find common ground? If it is true that love conquers all, how can I BE love? Maybe through writing gratitude letters.  

I choose to be vulnerable and open…honest and real. To be brave. For me, receiving a letter of gratitude brightens my day.  Reading such a letter fills me with a sense of being seen and acknowledged, loved.  Since writing has been a comforting way for me to express myself, it makes sense to start a blog. Creating letters of gratitude for those I have complicated feelings about seems to be just as powerful as writing to those where emotions aren’t as involved. Either way, I write with my whole heart.  

These letters are one way to express my love and gratitude. By sharing them publicly, I am hopeful you will connect to something in them that will encourage you to write gratitude letters of your own. The simple act of writing a message down on paper can be a profound way to connect with others.  

In writing my letters, I am committed to sharing my life perspectives and experiences through a lens of strength and hope. Writing messages of gratitude is a way for me to practice compassion and love. It seems like I need those things in my life now more than ever. And the best way I know to receive is to give. 

I write these letters for my healing as well.  I have struggled with Postpartum Depression in the past few years. For me, this has felt like treading water and straining to keep my head from sinking below the surface while still needing to “do” my life. More recently, I have been on a path of healing; mind, body, and soul. Writing is something I do to help me stay on track. Gratitude keeps me aware of all my blessings and helps me maintain a healthy mindset. Sharing my gratitude with someone else creates a connection; a sense of love and belonging. Although some of these letters will speak about painful issues, the overall tone will be positive and empowering.

Like Martin Luther wrote, “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” It has recently occurred to me that taking the time to put pen to paper and express my appreciation and gratitude to others is a beautiful, simple way to change our world by putting positive energy out there.  I have come to realize what a gift writing has been for me and that it might be for others searching like me.  We can pick up our pens and write. We can say all the beautiful, loving things we want to say to those special people in our lives. We can give thanks and spread joy.  

We can share love, inspiration, and gratitude with those meant to receive it. Like ripples from a pebble dropped in a lake, each letter can send waves of gratitude throughout our world. My prayer is that whoever is meant to find this blog will, and that it will be the seed needed to inspire healing.  I hope to help change the world, one letter at a time.  Who knows, maybe it catches.

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“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones that do.”
-Steve Jobs

With Love & Gratitude,

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